March, 2012

Founder’s Column

Dear CIC Members and Friends,

I’m writing this on Thursday, 2/23/12 in order to get it to you early enough to have insight into what’s going to happen at the next Hillsborough County School Board meeting. That way you can plan to be there and will have information so you can sign up to be a speaker if God leads you in that direction.

Much of this Christian Citizenship In Action newsletter will be devoted to keeping the terrorism linked organization CAIR out of our classrooms. But there are also many other things going on that you need to be aware of that you’ll read about in this issue.

God provided the great honor of addressing the Quarterly Prayer Breakfast of Christian Business Connection. What a joy to be able to sit with over a hundred brothers and sisters in Christ whose hearts’ desire is to honor the Lord with their businesses.

When I explained the mission of CIC and some of the things we’ve been able to accomplish in the community by working together, many of them gave us their contact information and have already begun receiving CIC updates!

In the last CCIA you read how God had opened the door to speak to the believers at The River at Tampa Bay. Now He’s provided that same opportunity with CBC. And in the last few days there have been 4 other offers to speak to groups who are hungry to hear  about the needs in our community and about the strategies we can employ to have an effect on those needs.

We’ve been working together for various amounts of time, some literally for years, and it seems like there is a harvest beginning to come in. We’re seeing victories, new people are joining the team, and opportunities to reach out to new groups seem to be opening up.

I’ve been feeling a strong pull to run for School Board again this election. If I run it would be for County Wide District 7 currently held by Carol Kurdell. If the voters in the County elected me that means CIC could continue efforts in other areas and as a School Board member I’d have a 1/7 vote in the direction our schools take.

Please send me a note or an email and let me know what you think.

It’s your faithfulness that keeps CIC on the front lines fighting for our faith and out families.

Please be as generous as you can as you pray for us and as you provide the financial means to continue.