Founder's Corner

December, 2011 

Dear CIC Members and Friends,

Thanks to all of you who said you passed this Christian Citizenship In Action newsletter along! Please allow me to ask again for those who aren’t already doing that to give it to a family member or friend to make sure the Christian community has a Christian perspective on some of the more important local issues that face us.

Last year when running for Hillsborough County School Board, one of the initiatives I suggested was getting people from the school system out into the field to meet with families in their homes. This seemed at the time, and still does, the best way to encourage parental involvement in students’ education.

I was pleased and excited to see that Pinellas County has begun doing just that, and that they seem to be having success with the program. Hopefully Hillsborough will pick up on the idea.

Another critical local issue is “Internet Sweepstakes Cafes” (ISC). Thank you for your emails to Hillsborough County Commissioners! 

Please come to the BOCC meeting on December 7th. We saw a victory at the last meeting and with your help will again tomorrow.

At the meeting tomorrow, December 7th, the County Attorney will present ordinances for a moratorium and for an outright ban  and the Commissioners will vote for one or the other.

Please contact me at or 813-653-4822 if you'd like more information.

Most of the people reading this have come to this website because you’re expressed interest in the work of CIC.

I want to thank those of you who send encouragement, support, and prayers! You keep me going, especially when facing seemingly insurmountable odds against powerful opposition.

 It also takes resources to be able to stay the course against the anti-family, anti-God schemes that continue to come up. It’s only with your help that CIC is able to take the lead and see victory in these efforts.

So please, as you make year-end giving decisions, please give as generously as you can to Community Issues Council so that we can continue to promote Judeo-Christian values here in our community.

If you'd like, you can make a donation using PayPal on our donations page.

Together we can make a difference!

God bless you!



























November, 2011