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Welcome to Community Issues Council!

Our Mission: "To educate and unite the Church to be able to engage our community in the issues of the day."

Inside you'll find educational information from a conservative Christian perspective on issues that will have an effect on the Church and on our ability to live out our faith.

From the monthly "Founder's Column" to "Letters to the Editor" to articles on specific subjects, the purpose of this website is to keep you up to date and to give you the tools to make an impact on the issues.

Founders Corner

March, 2012

Dear CIC Members and Friends,

I’m writing this on Thursday, 2/23/12 in order to get it to you early enough to have insight into what’s going to happen at the next Hillsborough County School Board meeting. That way you can plan to be there and will have information so you can sign up to be a speaker if God leads you in that direction.

Much of this Christian Citizenship In Action newsletter will be devoted to keeping the terrorism linked organization CAIR out of our classrooms. But there are also many other things going on that you need to be aware of that you’ll read about in this issue... read more

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